Coach to the Goal Conference

A leadership strategy that balances the need for relationship and accountability.

Michael Duke’s presentations are always thought provoking…he is energetic and dynamic!

Bill Meyer
VP, Strothman & Company

Michael’s seminar drives me to improve my leadership skills! I had many Aha moments. He made me look at things from a different angle.

Tom Freedman
General Manager, International Moulding Company

Coach to the Goal is an enlightening change of perspective that will revolutionize traditional leadership methods. This approach applies to everyone, from an entrepreneur, a front line leader, or a CEO, and when employed will result in a care for, connected, well-trained and highly motivated staff.

First, through the mastering of The Coach Approach you will learn how to:
  • Motivate talented and problem employees!
  • Build a team of employees into super-productive, motivated winners!
  • Give clear direction and require tough accountability!
  • Value your employees love, trust, and respect!
Second, discover The Power of Love at Work

Don’t let the title fool you. The secret is getting out. Love is the most powerful motivator in the world. Not the warm and fuzzy kind, but the tough, honest straight forward kind. In this unique presentation Michael will:

  • Teach you the importance of creating caring relationships based on mutual trust.
  • Challenge you to build a culture that values honest talk and face to face communication.
  • Convince you that real love that allows people to feel safe and thrive is one that stresses no nonsense performance and genuine accountability.
Third, make sure the work is Autographed by Michelangelo.

Excellence and artistry go hand-in-hand. In this impassioned presentation Michael explains how important it is for each employee to feel free to put their personal imprint on their work. By each employee striving to be a Michelangelo the organization:

  • Becomes a place where people to come to work
  • Produces work that is autographed by creative and independent thinkers and doers.
  • Creates a culture of individual excellence that prides itself on team performance.

Keynote, 1-6 hour presentations