Consulting and Coaching

Michael has successfully helped his clients solve the following problems.  If you find yourself saying the any of the statements below, please call me at 502-253-0899.  You will be glad you did.

  • I am not as focused as I used to be as a business owner/leader.  I am frustrated and heading to burn out.

    What can I do to reconnect with what I love about my business and rejuvenate my passion for it?

  • My company is not growing like I think it should.

    Do I have the right people in the right places to insure future revenue and profit improvement?

  • We seem to lack direction as a leadership team.

    What can I do get align our goals and all my employees on the same page?

  • My leadership team seems to be ineffective.

    How do I get my leadership team to work together and become more effective at achieving organizational goals?

  • My staff seems to be unmotivated and unproductive.

    Do I have the right people on my team to be successful?  How do I get the right people on my team and get them behind a common goal?

  • Great sales people are nearly impossible to find.

    What can I do to do a better job of recruiting, training, motivating and retaining talented sales professionals?

  • My turnover is high.

    I am losing too many good employees.  What can I do to find good people, motivate them and then retain them?

  • I have a key employee that is struggling.

    I do not want to lose him/her.  What can I do to help them transition successfully through this difficult personal and/or professional challenge?

  • I have good people but the culture seems lacking.

    What can I do to make our culture more positive, more supportive and more attractive to future employees?

  • Staff members are complaining about one of my most talented employees.

    Is there anything that I can do to help him/her become less of a jerk to their fellow employees?  I am afraid if I can’t get them to improve their interpersonal skills that I will lose some great employees.

  • I have a manager that is not meeting his/her goals and their employees in that department are very unhappy.

    How can find out what the issues really are and then map out some sort of process to address them effectively?