The Seven Step Coaching Model — Video Blog Part 1

Since 2007 when I published my book “Coach to The Goal” I have enjoyed presenting keynotes and workshops on the topic of coaching skills. I have become convinced that the “coach approach” to leadership is extremely effective, especially when the coaching is done by a high trust leader who leads from a deep well of strong, clear and personal core values.

Many new or emerging managers are promoted without any leadership training. To be an effective a leader’s must engage with employees often regarding performance improvement. These conversations can be difficult and therefore are often avoided. They are especially difficult when the people they now lead were once teammates. My Seven Step Coaching Model is designed to be a step by step guide of what to say and how to say it when you have something you may find difficult to communicate. The coaching model is a great way for new, experienced, and senior leaders to improve their effectiveness at engaging with their employees for the purpose of improving their performance. Although, this model was originally designed for application in the healthcare industry to assist hospitals and clinics with their urgent need to address retention, morale, and productivity issues. It has been successfully shared with public school district leaders, large utilities and a variety of large and small corporations.

Today I share with you a brief 6 minute video blog. Doug Semenick, a dear friend and successful leadership trainer and coach, and I discuss the importance of integrating our personal core values into our coaching conversations. There is a role play between us at the end that you may find educational and entertaining.

Doug is a gifted trainer and coach and can be reached here — If you or a key employee may be in need of a coach or if your management team could benefit from coaching skills training please contact me here — or email me at