The 7 Step Coaching Model – Video Blog Part 3

In this short video we role play the first 4 steps of the 7 step coaching model.  We covered the need when coaching to get directly to the point in step 1.  In step to we encouraged leaders to share their feeling with an employee about their performance issue.  Now in step 3 we explain why this coaching conversation is happening now.  I call the step “explain what triggered the coaching meeting”.  Employees will be anxious when they are invited to your office. They will be wondering what this is about.  You owe it to them to get quickly to the point as well as to explain how you learned about the performance issue at hand.  For instance, you may say “I was reviewing sales reports this morning and realized your average number of calls has declined and I am concerned.”.  You may say “I was passing through the customer service department and heard you speak disrespectfully to a customer on the phone”.  Coaching must be done from direct observation and never from hearsay.  Squelch gossip quickly.  But if you have unfounded concerns about a person do not approach them to coach them unless and until you can have a fact based conversation.

Step 4 explains the need for the coach to clarify expectations with the employee.  Perhaps they are new and simply did not understand what was expected of them?  Perhaps they have been around awhile and need to be reminded.  To the extent that you are willing and able to state expectations clearly you will provoke from the employee the level of performance that you require.  Weak leaders get weak performance.  Vague expectations get uneven performance.  Crystal clear expectations are more likely to attain consistently higher performance.  It all starts with the leader.  One is able to respectfully explain what he or she expects from the employee.

Enjoy the 8 minute video that covers the first 4 steps of the coaching model.  Doug Semenick and I welcome any questions or comments you may have about the model.  Feel free to comment below.  Hope you learn something that will help you be a better coach!