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Coach to the Goal: 10 Truths to Transform Your Team into Winners

Why do so many coaches write books on leadership? Is there something different about their point-of-view? I believe that great coaches know something that far too few business leaders have ever taken the time to learn. This knowledge is not secret. The purpose of this book is to reveal the powerful forces for positive change when leadership is viewed through the unique filter of a coaching philosophy. When you learn to coach to the goal, you will not throw out the proven tenets of leadership. You’ll be asked to look at proven truths from the coach’s point-of-view.

When you coach to the goal you will look at your employees as players on your team who are uniquely equipped. They’re not interchangeable as many are treated today. You begin to realize the value each employee brings who works with heart and passion. Skills can be taught and improved. But values, heart and character are the truest indicators of excellent performance sustained over time.

When you coach to the goal, you will quickly understand that you as their leader directly impact your team’s attitude and actions. In the business world, this is no less true. Are your standards too low? If so, then employees get lazy. Are they too high? Then employees get frustrated. As a coach you set goals that are attainable, yet you must communicate clearly the consequences for sub-par performance.

Very passionate and enthusiastic! You inspired us all!

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Whether you’re a Little League coach, a mom or dad, a front-line supervisor, CEO or a business owner, the Ten Truths revealed in this book give you the tools to bring about positive change.

Remember, you are a coach. The destiny of your team is in your hands. Your role is to show them how they can become better. That each player or employee, son or daughter, is inspired through your leadership to become their best whenever their best is required in sports, in business and in the game of life.

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