Build High Performing Teams

Do you have any of the following concerns about your team’s lack of motivation and performance?


  • Do I have the right people on my team?  Are they in the right roles?
  • Are my managers leading my team well?  Are they responsible for the lack of team motivation?
  • Am I leading my team well?  Is my leadership style responsible for the lack of team motivation?
  • Why does my operational team continue to make the same mistakes over and over again?
  • Why is my sales team struggling to perform well?
  • Why is my team so unmotivated?

Michael has answers to these challenging questions!  He has learned tried and true methods that will help you launch, boost and sustain outstanding team performance.

His presentation “Build a Team, Change the World!” shares his four keys to building and sustaining a high performing team!  You will learn ….

  • That great teams have great leaders!
  • The greatest power is the power of belief!
  • That culture and values must align to build trust!
  • That a team that trusts and believes in each other cannot be stopped!

This program can be presented In a keynote, full day workshop and breakout session!


Need Michael to help your company build high performing teams?

Michael has been leading and building teams for 30 years.  The intensive research and instruction he has done on coaching skills as a leadership style has placed him front in center with how great teams initiate and sustain excellent performance.  Whether you want a custom designed team building retreat or a high powered workshop to move the team forward Michael has the experience and confidence to make the event a success.  His blend of humor, candor and inspiration drives content into the hearts and minds of the attendees.

Michael consults with business owners and leaders who are concerned about the norms, cohesiveness and performance of their teams.  He has developed tools that allow you to evaluate the quality of your team, its cultural strength and its level of motivation.  Using this data as a starting point Michael can help you chart a course toward sustained increases in performance and motivation.



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