Create a Strong Culture

Are you struggling with any of the culture challenges below?


  • I have a desire to drive my business forward with a strong values and culture focus. Who can help me use them as key competitive advantages in the marketplace?
  • I have a strong sense of my own core values but how do I hire or build a team whose values align more tightly with my own?
  • I feel a disconnect between my personal values of my leadership team and key employees.
  • Who can help me flesh out or clarify my core values?

Michael has answers to these challenging questions! He has learned tried and true methods that can clarify, enhance and improve your company culture!

His presentation “How to Inspire Talent” shares his four keys to building and sustaining a culture that inspires excellence!

  • Learn how to clarify your own cultural distinctiveness.
  • Attract only talent that shares your WHY!
  • Design all work processes, policies and programs that spring forth and align well with the values
  • Change the world by leading, training and recruiting with values at the heart and soul of everything you do and say!

This program can be presented In a keynote, full day workshop and breakout session!


Culture building is one of Michael’s greatest passions! He has worked with companies to improve their culture since 2000. His third book “Inspiring Talent” which will be released in 2015 is devoted to teaching leaders how to build a powerful culture that inspires employees. All strong culture companies are clear on who they are, what they stand for and how they do business internally and externally. If you don’t know or are unclear on who you are or what you stand for or how you should do business Michael can help you discover the answer to these critical question!

Michael consults with business owners and leaders in the area of culture. He can assess and evaluate your current culture and make recommendations as how to best identify the low risk high reward initiatives that can drive your culture forward to improved cohesiveness, stronger norms and increased productivity.



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