Identify Top Talent

Does your company struggle with –

• Your sales people continually falling short of performance goals?
• Your hiring managers are making bad hires far too often!
• Your company has poor or non-existent selection training?
• Your frustration at losing talented employees unnecessarily?
• A lack of confidence in your weak or ineffective selection processes?
• A general lack of clarity on which candidates are the right fits for your company?

Michael has proven solutions that will reduce your company’s turnover and increase your employee’s productivity by utilizing his Successful Selection Process!

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Need Michael to teach your company how to identify top talent?

Michael has been in the trenches of recruiting, retention and culture building since he was 26 years old. He can evaluate your current selection processes and make recommendations for improvement. He can consult with your leadership team to identify the culture and values that are critical to your company’s success and then integrate those intangible factors into a customized selection process. Then he can design a step by step interview process and teach your leaders how to execute it!

Through Michael’s training, consulting, or speaking your hiring managers will be challenged to –

• Get and stay focused on your most critical organizational success factor — the quality of your people!
• Hire only people better than them — the key to extraordinary performance!
• Learn the importance of a “values fit” — the key to sky high retention.
• Seek first and foremost character and coach-ability — the key to a
coveted reputation!

His presentation ““Recruit to the Goal” answers the all-important question “Who are the right people to put on my team?” Life and business would be easy if it weren’t for the people! How many times have you heard this? Yes, the greatest challenges come from having the wrong people. And your greatest satisfaction comes from having the right people! “Recruit to the Goal” is a common sense plan that will teach you to hire and retain only the best and the brightest!
This presentation will turn traditional interview and selection practices on its head. With his over 20 years’ experience and countless real world stories in hiring.

This presentation can be presented as a key note, full day workshop or break out session.

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