Recommended Reading

The following list has been compiled to challenge the truly hungry and curious. It is composed of books that have profoundly influenced Michaels thinking and therefore his personal and management philosophy.

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Michael’s Top 10

If you have not read this you are truly missing out. It is far more than a book of rules to make you feel guilty. It is food for your soul.
by Ken Blanchard and Spencer Johnson M.D
It is simple yet profound. You are never to young or old to learn to put people first in business.
by Stephen Covey
Enduring principles to live by for personal, spiritual and organizational growth.
by John Eldredge
I read the pages and was blown away. It is one of the few books I have read an reread several times. No other book has spoken to me in such a personal way. John asks the questions I have asked for years and also provides some interesting and challenging answers.
by John Eldredge
If you have an interest in the spiritual this book will open your eyes. His approach is truly unique. He will help you see this world as you never have before.
by James C. Collins and Jerry I. Porras
Every business owner, every business man or woman needs to devour this book. It is rock solid. It is one of the most practical guides to organizational success to date.
by Tim Sanders
Tim has it down. Share. Give it away. And I mean the good stuff. This book spoke truth to me in a way that few have. Share your knowledge. Share your network. Share your love. And it all will come back to you and more!
by Eliyahu M. Goldratt and Jeff Cox
Is it a management text or a novel? Is it a about business challenges or the trials of living successfully in your personal life. This author speaks truth. He was the first secular writer to make it plain to me that if something is true it is true all the time regardless of context.
by Leo Buscaglia
The world needs love. We need to talk about it, live it and express it. Leo Buscaglia makes you want to do just that.
by Henry Cloud M.D. and John Townsend M.D.
This book opened my eyes to the significance and complexities of human relationships. They offer principles that simplify and clarify something that so many of us see as so vague and challenging. I have quoted this book as much or more as any I have read.