As a CEO and business owner, I needed more perspective. I was stale. I felt isolated at the top.

Even worse, no one was challenging my assumptions. Advice was everywhere — and always had an agenda attached. I knew this: what I was doing was not producing the growth I wanted. Something had to change.

I needed someone to question my answers.

I gathered with a dozen business owners — a CEO peer group. We met confidentially to share experiences and insights. We described our challenges and opportunities — and greatly benefited from each other’s agenda-free recommendations. We learned, as Daniel Joseph Boorstin said: “The greatest obstacle to discovery is not ignorance. It is the illusion of knowledge.” The results were substantial: my company became more professionally managed, process driven and — when I was ready — sellable. This experience also improved my life beyond business. Held accountable by my peers, I allocated my time better. I stopped doing other people’s work. I was able to get home earlier. Life got better.

Want to grow — personally as well as professionally? Feeling “isolated at the top?”

I convene monthly meetings of business leaders, meet individually with members, and bring in experts (on topics of management and beyond). My group is for business owners and CEOs in the Louisville, Lexington and southern Indiana area. To amplify my coaching and facilitation, I am affiliated with Vistage International. My Vistage groups have access to the resources and knowledge of the world’s leading chief executive organization with 23,000 members around the world and enough alumni to crowd YUM Arena.

Are you right for my groups? Here are the minimum qualifications.

My Vistage CEO peer group is for leaders who run companies with annual revenues of $1M+, are facing the challenges and opportunities that come with growth and success, and want to share experiences and be held accountable by peers.

My Key Executive peer group is for executives who report directly to a CEO, are being groomed for the CEO position at companies with annual revenues of $1M+, and want to share experiences and be held accountable by peers.

My Solo Practitioner peer group is for client-based professionals, such as attorneys, accountants and consultants, who serve CEOs and senior executives, and want to share experiences and be held accountable by peers. This group does not have a minimum revenue requirement.

Qualitatively, I admit people who: are smart, ambitious, and successful, are trusting and trustworthy, are earnest, but don’t take themselves too seriously, are kind-hearted, play the big game — are willing to bring their biggest challenges, can engage — show up on time, focus (no cell phones), lean in, will confront their peers kindly, and are experienced enough to know they need to change — and energetic enough to do it.

My groups are for “A” Players. If you are an “A” Player, here is a message for you.

Here’s what current members say.


"Vistage is a monthly opportunity to raise your head up out of the daily issues with a group of your peers to solve difficult business problems and plan the future of your business."

John Hinshaw

President, Calhoun Construction Services


"The Vistage group has been tremendously supportive for me both personally and professionally. It is truly a gift to have a peer group where one can share struggles openly and honestly and get direct feedback."

Karyn Hascal

President, The Healing Place


“While being President and CEO of Vimarc is rewarding, it can also be lonely at the top. Vistage offers the peer mentorship and accountability that help me make the difficult decisions necessary to continue my growth. While all of us come from different size companies and industries, we all share similar problems that we solve together. It has made a big difference in how I run my company.”

Richmond Simpson

President and CEO, Vimarc


"Vistage provides a forum for feedback without an agenda. The higher you go in an organization, the less opportunity you have to receive unbiased feedback and the more important finding it is. In addition to wrestling with professional issues, it has been a great place to work through personal development and has also introduced me to a group of great people."

Matt Bedingfield

CFO, Wieland Group


"'Find a group of people who challenge and inspire you; spend a lot of time with them, and it will change your life' – as a relatively new member to Vistage, this quote has stuck with me and how I now view this impressive group that I’m grateful to have joined. I enjoy the opportunity to receive unbiased feedback on issues my business is facing. The leadership development, goal accountability, and monthly 1:1’s have been very valuable to me both personally and professionally. I’m fortunate to be in such a wonderful group with amazing leaders and people!"

Scott Dingle

CLTC, Limestone Wealth Advisors


“Vistage has not only provided me new perspectives and ideas to solve or tackle professional or business challenges, but is also been an environment to tackle personal and family challenges. I also have found that our meetings provide me a great refresh or reset every month that allow me to creatively think about my business and personal life outside of the day to day routine that we typically find ourselves in. The ability to share ideas or problems with peers in a transparent and trusted environment has proven to be extremely valuable to me.”

Rob Bush
Partner, NEWFIELD Capital Partners


"Vistage has been incredibly valuable in helping get my head up and out of the daily details, and focus on the bigger picture of advancing my business to the next level. These guys are a great ‘sounding board’ for confidential issues that cannot be shared with staff and investors. This Vistage group has provided insight and perspective for growing my business."

Mark L. Highbaugh, Sr

CEO, Marlimar Mobile Strategies


“Vistage has been a great forum to discuss everything from sensitive and complex business problems to simple routine issues that need creative solutions with like-minded business owners and executives. The value I have received has made me a better leader and made MAG a stronger company. The friendships that have developed with the others in the group is an added bonus.“

Dean Harrison

President, Maximus Auto Group


"Since joining Vistage less than a year ago, my professional experience has been transformed. I’ve been able to walk through some very difficult business decisions with confidence gained through the support of my Vistage team. I can’t imagine serving in the role of CEO without the wisdom and support of my Vistage Chair, Michael Duke, and other team members!"

Carl L. Williams Sr.
President/CEO, PSST Seamless Data Solutions

Kevin Dierking

President/CEO at Voestalpine Roll Forming Corporation


"Joining Vistage has been the smartest business decision I have made. Being able to present the challenges I have faced as a new to market start up medical practice has proven invaluable. Drawing off the expertise of the group members and leaning in together has only accelerated growth. Michael is the captain that guides us and the glue that binds us."

Jesse Jenkins

Medical Doctor MOBILE MD LLC


"As a new member to the team, I have already gained a wealth of knowledge and ideas to implement for my business. Michael does an excellent job of facilitating our discussion not only in our group meetings but in the one on one coaching he provides. Investing in myself and investing in my business are key reasons that I joined Vistage."

Juan Gomes

President, Gomes Insurance Agency

If you are right for my Vistage groups, I will apply my best efforts and energies to improving your life — and the lives of your families and employees — substantially.

If this sounds like you — or a friend you want to introduce to me — please contact me. I’m here for you. I care.

Talk To Michael To See If You Might Fit

Wait. What? You don’t have time?

If your answer is “I don’t have time,” then I am here to question your answer. (Members say, “I come to Vistage to have my answers questioned.”)

Here are the Top 10 Reasons People Do NOT Join Vistage:

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